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tv   Majority Leader Mitch Mc Connell News Conference  CSPAN  January 17, 2018 11:08pm-11:18pm EST

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when they decide they want to go beyond that and knee democratic support and help, they'll talk to us about what our priorities are. thank you all very much. which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] -- [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] weekly briefing, mitch mcconnell said a lot of people on both sides of the aisle are working to negotiate a doctor deal. he added he is looking for an outcome the president will support. this is just under 10 minutes. good afternoon, everyone.
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we were able to invoke cloture on section 702. we will finish that together. we await a continuing resolution from the house. we expect that it will include the children's health care program, a six-year reauthorization of that, which are democratic colleagues in the senate have consistently said was extremely important. it also is likely to include elimination of some health care taxes that enjoyed bipartisan support. the elimination of them. as we will be taking that up soon as it comes over from the house, and that should take us through the week. last night, the senate had a very important vote on considering the foreign intelligence surveillance act under section 702. in our a critical tool
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national security toolbox, which is taken has taken out and other enemies of the united states and ban any essential tool. the former director of national intelligence called it one of the crown jewels of the national security toolbox for the united states. i am optimistic that we will pass it tomorrow when it comes up in the senate, but this is important. it is important to recognize that this is targeted at foreign persons and not americans. there is no -- it is illegal to and anymericans suggestion to the contrary is simply wrong. oversightncredible not only from the judiciary, the foreign intelligence surveillance court, but also the two intelligence committees in the house and the senate as well as with in the executive branch itself. i am optimistic we will pass that tomorrow and we will not let the intelligence community go dark when it comes to
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identifying enemies of the united states and potential roist attacks on our home soil. up on thecoming one-year anniversary of donald trump in president of the united states. if you are writing stories about that, i would recommend two words for the headlines, "confidence and optimism." that is what i'm seeing across america. we have 2 million new jobs in the year 2017. a lot has to do with eliminating the punishing regulations of the previous administration but also the tax relief legislation. month, nine out of 10 workers are going to see an increase in their take-home pay. the popularity of the tax reform and tax relief legislation is continuing to go up. in addition to that, people are being able to see increases in their paychecks in wyoming.
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thousands of people, bonuses they have gotten, increased pay, 2 million workers across the country who have experienced that. of the economy is at an all-time high. economy is rolling ahead, and it has to do with the , house, senate, and republican donald trump in the white house. plus armageddon that is what nancy pelosi said on december 4. since that tax bill was signed, over 2.2 million americans ted from pay raises. americans are feeling very good about our economy. we have seen a net approval rating of 18% in attacks pope asked by this congress. today, you saw apple announced it would be investing into the american economy, creating $20,000. a new campus.
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have seen those results because of what nancy pelosi described as armageddon. forhe question i have fro nancy pelosi and chuck schumer, will they be till and seek to repeal the tax bill? will they try to take away the bonuses and pay raises americans, over 2 million of whom, have received so far? i think that is an important question as many americans are benefiting and will continue to see that benefit from the tax cuts we passed late last year. >> given how you work with -- [indiscernible] >> there are a lot of people on both sides of the aisle trying to get an outcome on daca. nobody has been more involved. i will ask him how to address the issue.
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want to see is an outcome, and an outcome involves the signature of the president of the united states. what i am waiting for in terms of making a decision about floor -- are we we dealing with something that has a chance to become law? nobody is more involved in those discussions with the senator. >> i just came back from a meeting with kevin mccarthy and dick durbin. we will be meeting again tomorrow to try to continue to make progress, which is senator mcconnell -- at senator mcconnell pointed out, we want to get to a solution here. we need to deal with the diversity lottery visa and chain migration. none of these are easy, but we are all highly motivated by the
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fact that come march 5, this program on the longer be available, and all of the work permits that are currently existing for the 690,000 daca recipients will go away, and so, we are all committed to getting that. we are going to keep working hard until we get there. how is your agreement likely to be different from this deal that has bipartisan -- [indiscernible] risk of being repetitious, i am looking for something that president trump supports. and he has not yet indicated what measure he is willing to sign. as soon as we figure out what he is for, then i would be convinced that we would not he just spinning our wheels, going to this issue on the floor, but actually dealing with a bill that has a chance to become law and therefore solve the problem. >> [indiscernible]
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sen. mcconnell: i certainly am going to take up what the house sends up. the democrats in the senate have been very consistent and clamoring for addressing the children's health care program thi. this does it with a secure reauthorization. they claim they don't want to shut down the government, so it seems to me it would be a rather attractive package. i certainly hope that is the way that they look at it. i believe we have a good chance of passing it, yeah. the way that president trump treats -- [indiscernible] do you think that is appropriate to the president? [indiscernible] sen. mcconnell: i did not hear
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the speech. you all -- my view is you all have a job to do, and we are happy to entertain your questions, but beyond that, i don't really have any observations of that. thank you. >> now, senate minority leader chuck schumer -- his capitol hill briefing is just over 10 minutes. [laughter] ok, goodmer: afternoon, everybody. i'm proud to be joined by senators durbin and murray. senator


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